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TELACOUSTICS brand best-in-class TAP technology (TELACOUSTICS Audio Processing) improves audio intelligibility for telecommunications and other applications in which noise must be controlled.  Utilizing proprietary DSP algorithms, TAP effectively pinpoints voice communications, while filtering out undesired noise.

TAP Solution Overview
TAP is a software-based, audio processing system that provides an unprecedented degree of audio intelligibility in noisy, unpredictable real-world applications. 

The TAP suite offers a multi-microphone solution that cancels both stationary and non-stationary noise and is flexible enough to handle a variety of different microphone placements and the use of low cost microphones.  TAP has very fast noise adaptation, low latency, and low processing and memory requirements.  It has been ported to both 16-bit and 24-bit DSP architectures.

In addition to its leading multi-microphone solution, Telacoustics now offers signal processing for bone conduction.  Bone conduction, a technology originally created for special military forces, utilizes a sensor that detects vocal vibrations and turns them into audio. 

Beyond noise cancellation, TAP includes a broad range of features required by today’s audio communications devices, including wind resistance, echo cancellation, equalization, and adaptive receive audio enhancement.


Bluetooth Headset Solutions
TAP provides a complete audio processing solution that includes noise and echo cancellation, receive and transmit audio equalization, automatic gain control, wind resistance, bone conduction, and receive audio enhancements.

Cellular Handset Solutions
TAP does not increase system latency when implemented in baseband audio processing.  Bit-exact 16 bit reference implementations are available.

Speakerphone Solutions
TAP utilizes two or more microphones to provide best in class noise cancellation and echo cancellation for hands-free far-field speech communication.

The TELACOUSTICS team of professionals will consult with you to determine which TELACOUSTICS solution suits your particular manufacturing specifications and underlying product processing requirements.

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